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Send A Little Intrigue and a Big Surprise With Your Flowers!

Here's a great idea to add a whole new dimension to the flowers that you send to that special someone!

Send a dozen roses in their very favorite color (Lots of great colors are available if you order early), but take one of the roses out of the bouquet and send only 11 roses. Include a note with the flowers that says " This is really a dozen roses, but the 12th rose is waiting for you at home together with a very special something!" Of course you could choose to say the rose is waiting for you at your favorite restaurant, or a wonderful hotel, or a magnificent spa, or what ever you can dream up. And of course you get to choose the special gift that accompanies the 12th rose!

The missing rose and the mysterious note create a wonderful sense of anticipation and intrique that will create great excitement as they wonder all day long what to expect that evening!

Added on 09/22/2011

by Seattle Flowers Blog

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