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Bosses Day (Boss's Day)

Bosses Day sounds like one of those holidays that could have only been dreamed up by a comity of greeting card company executives. In reality National Bosses Day was created by a State Farm Insurance Company employee from Illinois named Patricia Bays Haroski. It all started back in 1958, when she registered the holiday with the Chamber of Commerce of the United States. A few years later in 1962, Illinois Governor Otto Kerner backed Patricia Haroski's registration and officially proclaimed October 16th as National Bosses Day. Why October 16th? Well as it turns out Patricia Harosk chose that date because it was her father’s birthday.

The goal of National Bosses Day was to recognize all of the hard work done by bosses and supervisors. Patricia Haroski hoped that the holiday would help foster better relations between employers and employees. She also believed that it was important for young people to recognize the challenges that their supervisors face when it comes to running a business.

Emily Post has suggested that you should only give a gift to your boss as a group in order to avoid the appearance of currying favor with your boss. So the next time your boss slips out to lunch or into a long meeting be sure to pass the hat around, so that you can all show your boss how much you appreciate their hard work.  If the hat comes back empty we promises not to tell Emily if you want to give your boss flowers to let them know that you appreciate all of their hard work.

Added on 10/10/2010

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